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Poison Festival 

Day of the Dead

Akoustik LIVE / Poison Labs

Andean Jimmy / Andean Tribe Records

Artificials LIVE / TechSafari Records

Audiopathik LIVE / Kamino Records

Audiophonic VS Satori LIVE / MadaBeats

Audiotec LIVE / TechSafari Records

Barak LIVE / Old Skull

Blackburn vs Duferones / Catalyst Records

Blisargon Demogorgon LIVE / Bhooteshwara Records

Boom Shankar / BMSS Records

Breathead LIVE / PsynOpticz Records

Chromatec LIVE / Deviant Force Records

Cocodrilo LIVE / Purple Hexagon Records

Cracked Nozes LIVE / Parvati Records

Criokshatter LIVE / Woodog Recordings

Critter LIVE / Woodog Recordings

Cromarepo LIVE / Deviant Force Records

Deep Vickey / Poison Labs

Ecliptic LIVE / Undergroove

Ecological / Poison Labs

Florian MSK LIVE / Zenon Records

Frantic Noise LIVE / Dark Prisma Records

Fynka / Poison Labs

Green Pirates LIVE / Ritual Music

Helber Gun LIVE / 24/7 Records

Hidden / Catalyst Records

Hypnocoustics LIVE / Sonic Booking

Imagine Mars LIVE / Sacred Technology

Insolente LIVE / Ibidelyc Recordings

Inverse LIVE / Poison Labs

Inward Move LIVE / Poison Labs

Isotropia LIVE / SquareLab Music

Jano LIVE / Fineplay Records

Jon Bovi LIVE / MadaBeats

Jungle Haze LIVE / Old Skull

Katun LIVE / Omaha Records

K.i.M LIVE / Zero 1 Music

Klipsun LIVE / Zenon Records

Kliluk LIVE / Pleiadian Records

Loom LIVE / Forestdelic records

Looney LIVE / Discovalley Records

Mademoiselle Vitale / SquareLab Music

MaKu LIVE / Vacuum Music

Makro LIVE / Pleiadian Records

Mallki / Arkana

Mara LIVE / Parvati Records

Megalight / Catalyst Records

Mexican Konexion LIVE / Pleiadian Records

Noid LIVE / Kupuri Music

Nurayao LIVE / Uroboros Records

OHM / Catalyst Records

Oksha LIVE / Psynon Records

Rawar LIVE / Lycantrop Records

S7 / Ritual Music

Sator Arepo LIVE / Deviant Force Records

Sensient LIVE / Zenon Records

Slide LIVE / Dream Project Records

Smoke Sign LIVE / Zenon Records

Symbolic LIVE / Iboga Records

Synthetik Chaos LIVE / Bom Shanka Music

Tarawaka LIVE / Dark Records

Tatewari / Ritual Music

Teramoon LIVE / Poison Labs

Thaick / Ritual Music

Thorazin LIVE / Looney Moon Experiment

Wintermute LIVE / Catalyst Records

Xolotl LIVE / Banyan Records

Xtracid / DMT Records



Phase 1st: $ 700 SOLD OUT

Phase 2nd: $850 May 1st to July 31st

(limited quantity 700 pcs)

Phase 3rd: $1,000

(limited quantity 500 pcs) - August 1st to October 31st

At the gate: $ 1,200.